Committee and Board Representative Opportunities

The Graduate and Professional Student Association (GAPSA) is currently seeking students to serve as Representatives on the following GAPSA and/or University Committees and Boards for the 2017-18 academic year.


GAPSA/University Representative Committees/Boards and Descriptions 


GAPSA Scholarship Committee
This committee will meet in the fall to establish procedures for the annual scholarship application process. The committee will then meet in the spring semester to assess applications for the GAPSA scholarship and make the award based on guidelines established by GAPSA. The Vice President of GAPSA will chair this committee.
Time commitment: Minimal to low (one week of mid spring will be focused on application review with a greater time commitment.)
Number of positions: 10 – 20. Minimum of 1 representative from each academic program.

Food Services / Auxiliary Services Committee
This Committee has a duel role in collecting information and providing feedback related to food service operations as well as other on campus auxiliary needs (facilities/student health insurance/IT, etc.) that have a direct and indirect impact students. The Committee will meet regularly and take direction from GAPSA.  A Committee Chair will be selected from the Committee and will report at GAPSA Senate meetings.
Time commitment: Low to Moderate (Meetings are typically held 2 -4 times per semester. Chair may be required to spend additional time in coordination of meetings and follow up.)
Number of positions: 2 – 4 (or more).

GAPSA Library Liaison
The Library Liaison is the link for information and communication between GAPSA and Library Services. The Liaison will meet regularly with library staff and GAPSA to bring forward issues, concerns, needs and general information that may impact students’ needs. The Liaison will report to GAPSA at Senate meetings.
Time commitment: Low (GAPSA Senate meetings are 1 -2 per month.)

Group Grant Review Committee
This committee works independently to review electronic submissions of interdisciplinary (two student organizations or more from different academic programs) group grant proposals for academic and non-academic event and programming. The review will determine whether the proposals meet the GAPSA group grant guidelines.  Applications are generally reviewed on an ongoing basis and the volume is mixed.  The Committee will have a Chair for the purpose of organization and communication. All work and communication is electronic other than an initial orientation/training meeting. The Chair will report at monthly Council meetings.
Time commitment: Minimal to low
Time commitment for Chair: Low to moderate.
Number of positions: 3 – 5.

To Apply:

  1. Complete the Representative Application
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