Programming Registration Form



Programming Registration Form

A requirement for all UNE Graduate and Professional Student Organizations to host or sponsor an event or activity, including but not limited to fundraisers, conference attendance, educational programs, or sales of merchandise.

Graduate and Professional Student Affairs will review the information the Programming Registration Form provides, responding to the Primary Contact Person via email.  A meeting to discuss the details of the program may be requested. 

Programs involving contracts/agreements with external organizations need to be submitted a minimum of five weeks in advance.  This ensures an appropriate amount of time for UNE’s Office of Fiscal Affairs to review and approve all contracts/agreements.  Contracts or agreements signed by students, staff, or faculty will not be honored by the UNE Business Office.

Please give three weeks for all other programs. Providing sufficient notification of your program with the registration form allows appropriate time for Graduate and Professional Student Affairs to communicate the needs associated with holding the program and/or ways to enhance it. 

Refer to the UNE Master Calendar when planning your program to make sure you are scheduling it during a time that draws the greatest audience and does not compete with other programs.

Your UNE login id is required to schedule and reserve campus space through the Registrar’s Ad Astra Room Request system: Remember to account for set-up and breakdown time in your request. Filtering for Additional Schedulable Space in the top left of the online request form will bring up Wing Student Lounge as a booking option.

The Office of Graduate and Professional Student Affairs will add your program to the UNE Master Calendar.  All programs will be categorized as PC Student Life, stating whether the program is open to the public, restricted to the UNE community only, or limited to students of a specific academic program or to members of a student organization or club. If you CANCEL your event, please notify Suanne Johnson at to update the calendar.

You do not need to submit Program Registration Forms for General Body Meetings.  To have your meetings added to the UNE Master Calendar, please first reserve the space through Ad Astra, finalizing time and location then notify us and we will have it added to the master calendar.

Marketing platforms include social media, printed flyers and posters, and email blasts, known as “this week…” emails.  Please refer to UNE’s social media policy at: when promoting with your organization’s Facebook page, flyers and posters need to be approved and have a “remove by” date added through the Office of Graduate and Professional Student Affairs, all PC Student Life events are copied and pasted in the body of an email from PC Student Life with “this week…” in the subject line and emailed two or three times weekly to all PC students.

Please submit separate Program Registration Forms for merchandise orders and for sales of merchandise that involve a tabling event.  All merchandise displaying the UNE logo must comply with the UNE Brand.  Images and artwork must be provided to Graduate and Professional Student Affairs before program approval is granted.

For catered events, submit catering requests at or connect with David Evans at 207-221-4261/ or  To have your on campus event catered by a vendor other than Sodexo, you must seek permission from David Evans within 48 hours of your event and receive email confirmation.  

All catered events where alcohol is served require non alcoholic drink options, and either heavy appetizers, buffet or seated dinner. Student Organization funds are not to be used to pay for alcohol. This includes money collected from event ticket sales and deposited into Student Organization accounts.  

Submit work orders for event setups, breakdowns, (tables and chairs etc) and housekeeping (trash cans and recycling bins) at: Your UNE login id is required. Password is the password for submitting the work order from the site. 







General Event Information

Go to question #2 for Option 4. Submit artwork on garments or merchandise for brand approval before placing orders. Trip participants must complete online UNE Waiver:

Give the price of the sale item(s). Explain special conditions surrounding the sale, such as reduced costs for members or early bird specials. Let us know if you have created an order form and please share it either in hard copy or email attachment.

Program name/title will be copied onto the master UNE Events Calendar.


What is the date of your program? Please go to questions 5 and 6 respectively, if your program has start and end dates or runs on multiple days. Date info will be used on the UNE Master Calendar.

What are the start and end dates of your program? Skip if your program runs irregularly, please go to question 6.

Please list the dates your program falls on.



If you select the third option, skip to the next section.

Reserve campus space at and await email response for final confirmation.

Please include the venue name, street address, city, and state.

Please provide name, phone number, and/or email of the venue contact person.


Select the PRIMARY Student Organization sponsor.

Student Organizations cosponsoring programs may apply for a Group Grant Award from GAPSA. Apply at

Program Description

Describe the participants, the audience, the purpose and goals. Write succinctly. If this program is scheduled on specific dates and times, the info entered here will be copied onto the UNE Master Calendar.

If yes, for on-campus programs please email Dining Services at Food is required at all events where alcohol is served.

If you answer Yes to question 16, please describe what you will be serving.

Submit work orders and housekeeping requests through Facilities Management:

Please describe any required technology or media equipment. We will connect with Communications and IT to communicate your requests.

All programs, including ones limiting participation to specific academic disciplines or to selected student organizations, are put on UNE's master calendar & included in biweekly campus wide "this week" emails from PC Student Life.

Is this program a fundraiser? If you answer NO, Skip to the next section.

If you answered YES to question 20, please choose the type of fundraiser.

Please state for what charitable organization this program is raising funds or collecting goods. Provide a contact name and mailing address.

Contact Information

Please provide the name and phone number of the program contact person. This individual is responsible for communicating all progress and developments surrounding the program. Their name and email will appear on the UNE Master Calendar

Please provide the email address of the acting contact for this program.

Please provide the name(s) of the adviser(s) associated with the academic organization(s) or student club(s) sponsoring this program.